Zoom H1essential Recorder Physical Description and Button Layout

For those who may have picked up a Zoom H1essential Recorder, or are curious about it, I have written a small guide that describes the recorder physically,
and goes through the button layout.

Let’s get started!

Physical Description

On the top:

2 X/Y stereo microphones.

On the front, below the microphones: an OLED display for visual output.

On the left side, from the top:

3.5mm lineout jack for headphones or connecting to a camera.

Volume wheel: used to adjust volume output from speaker/headphones.

Power button: switch toward you for 2 seconds to power on. (An audible chime will indicate power on/off status). Press up to hold/lock the keys, so buttons won’t accidentally get pressed while recorder is in use.

On the right side, from the top:

3.5mm mic/line input for lavalier mics.

USB-C port: connect to computer/mobile device for USB mic functions.

You can also power the recorder via an external battery through this port if desired.

Note: on either side of the USB-C port, there are two small screws.

Menu button: use to open menu screen.

Micro SD Card slot supports SDXC cards with a max of 1 TB in size, and microSDHC cards with a max of 32 GB in size.

On the back, from the top:

Mono speaker.

Tripod mounting thread.

Battery cover.

Button Layout

Below the display are 4 buttons, from left to right:

1. Stereo/mono recording. (This is also the “Back” button in menus).

2. Low cut filter from off to 260 Hz. (This is also the up arrow in menus).

3. Set marker while recording. (This is the down arrow in menus).

4. Move to trash button. (This is also the “Enter” button in menus).

4 circle buttons around the record button in the center, from left to right:

1. Upper left: Stop.

2. Upper right: Play/pause.

3. Lower left: Rewind.

4. Lower right: Fast forward.

Note: you can use the rewind/fast forward buttons to go through files. If you press/hold these buttons, they will skip backward/forward through files. At present, when going through files, the recorder simply beeps.

In the center: Record button.

For More Information

To find out more about the Zoom H1essential recorder, please visit:

This page from Zoom

Here’s to many recording adventures!

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