When “Self” is Only Part of Self-Teaching

When we utter the words “self-teaching”, it may bring to mind someone hunkered down over a book or hunched over a computer screen studying feverishly. However, self-teaching is so much more than a solitary endeavor. I would say that self-teaching is simply the desire to learn something new and then taking to books or the internet to begin that process. While motivation and an ability to get the information you seek is excellent, this teaching process can be enhanced by others who cross your path.

For example, in the last few months, I’ve really taken an interest in learning to cook/bake from scratch. Using simple ingredients, no boxes, or cans, what can I make? Over the 4th of July weekend, for the first time, I baked home-made hamburger buns. And yes, for all you curious types out there, I made the burgers from scratch, too! All this really began to take shape because of some wonderful people I met online through an audio chat app called Clubhouse.

A few of us were in conversation one day about food, and how so much of it, (increasingly as time goes on), is processed with unpronounceable ingredients … and if they are unpronounceable to mere mortals, then it is a safe bet they aren’t found in nature. Someone on Clubhouse who has baked from scratch for a long time offered to teach anyone interested how to do it. From pizza, to bread, to Shepherd’s Pie, the possibilities of what to make with easy-to-find ingredients are limitless.

While I’ve benefitted in the tastiest of ways from my new friends in this cooking group, it has also encouraged me to teach myself other things that can be made from scratch. Self-teaching can also be said to practice what someone else has already taught you. And who doesn’t want to practice cooking when it yields such delicious results?

No matter the project, or the task you want to do, remember that getting started can be as simple as reaching out to someone you know, (or someone you’ll end up getting to know), because knowledge (especially from those who are willing and able to share it), is one of the most invaluable tools we have. In today’s internet-connected age, where popular apps that bring people together are popping up at rapid rates, there’s never been an easier time to tap into those around you. Increasing your network, and gaining new friends and skills, it’s incredible where your self-teaching journey can begin.