Teaching and Learning are Closely Related Phenomenons

In this blog, though not many entries at present, a lot of them deal with self-teaching, and the many different forms that takes. In that way, teaching and learning are almost interchangeable. You teach yourself something, because you want to learn that thing. You teach yourself to build something, because that project will then benefit you later on- in addition to the pride you feel at having completed something you’ve always wanted to complete. In the classroom, for instance, it’s a structured environment, and teachers are imparting knowledge to students. With self-teaching, the ability to seek out knowledge, (through reading, or asking a friend), is as much a part of the process, as applying that knowledge to achieve your goal.

This post just serves as a reflection that teaching and learning will always be linked, and the independence that self-teaching provides can put you in a new frame of mind, in addition to outfitting you with the knowledge you seek. Carry on, my readers, and let me know what it is you have taught, (or learned), as you pursue your goals.